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How To Start Hiring

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You can evaluate freelancers and agencies by reviewing their profiles. Each freelancer and agency in our marketplace has a profile. It can include work experience and samples, client feedback, skills test scores, and much more
  • Registering an Account

    To create your account:

    1) Click Join Now at the top right corner of

    2) Enter your name, email address and review and agree to our Terms of Service

    3) Select whether you want to Hire (Employer) or Work (Freelancer) and create a strong password.

    4) Verify your email address with a 4 digit-verification code.

    *Note1: Your security code will expire after 24 hours. 

    *Note2: You also have the option to create your account by linking with your social networks.

    If you would also like to submit quotes to jobs on, you must create a separate freelancer account. Sign out of your employer account before creating a freelancer account.

  • Costs to Use

    All is free

    Employers have full access to everything has to offer. You can find and hire freelancers, use our WorkRoom to communicate and share files, work securely via SafePay, and utilize our versatile invoicing and payment system. Just to name few.

    Signing up and using the site is free.

  • Understanding Account Settings

    Your account settings allow you to change your personal information.

    Contact Information:

    This tab allows you to change your name and location. It also allows you to verify a phone number and email address.

    The “Company Name” field allows you to establish yourself as a company. will use your company name rather than your first and last name if you fill this out. We use your company name or real name in your invoice details.

    NOTE: if your emails are bouncing and you suspect you’ve entered an incorrect email address, you may want to change your email using this page.

    Screen Identity:

    Change your screen name and profile picture here. Your screen name is your identity on our platform.

    Email Settings:

    You can view and control what types of emails we sent you here. You can also add a secondary email address. If you add a secondary email address we’ll send communications to that address as well as your primary email address.

    Security Questions:

    Set up and manage your security questions here. If you ever forget the answer to one or more questions you can change them here as long as you know your password.

    ID Verification:

    Start our ID Verification process to get your identity verified, which can make it easier to send payments to Freelancers. Rest assured that the information you provide is securely stored and reviewed.


    You can change your username here. Your username is the primary method to login to


    You can change your password here.

    Delete Account:

    Completely delete your account from this page. This is only possible if you do not have any funds tied up in SafePay.


Posting Jobs

Manage Your Profitable Account

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  • How to Post a Job?

    Posting a job:

    1) Click the “Post a Job” link from the menu bar on your Dashboard

    2) Provide the requested information.

    3) Click the “Post My Job” button.

  • Your Job Description

    You can add as much detail to your job posting as you like, but it should include the following:

    • An outline of the desired task or service.
    • A general description of the business requirements of the job.
    • A timeline detailing expected start and completion dates.

    You’ll also have to choose the follow preferences when posting a job:

    • Job Category:You’ll want to pick the category that best fits your job.  If you’re not sure or want to keep it open choose “Any Category”.
    • Estimated Cost:How much you want to spend on this job.  If you’re not sure there’s a “Not Sure/Confidential” option.
    • Hourly/Fixed Price: Decide if you want to pay someone by the hour or at one set cost.  This can be changed at any point until you approve an agreement.
    • Job Exposure: You can decide who can view the job posting.  This cannot be edited after the job is posted.  There are three options:
    • Maximum: It’s indexed by search engines and there’s no restriction on who can see this.
    • Limited: Only users can see this post.
    • None:  Can only be seen by users you invite to the job.  If you don’t invite anyone within 24 hours the job will be made public to our users.
    • Posting Timeline: Chose when you want to stop receiving quote.  The default is 30 days, but you can set any timeline you like.
    • Attaching Files: You can attached up to 10MB to your job posting.  We support the following: .ACCDB, .AVI, .BMP, .DOC, .DOCX, .EPS, .GIF, .JPEG, .JPG, .MDE, .MOV, .MP3, .MP4, .MPE, .MPEG , .MPG, .PDF, .PNG, .PPS, .PPSX, .PPT, .PPTX, .PSD, .QXD, .SWF, .TIF, .TIFF, .TXT, .WAV, .WMV, .XLS, .XLSX, .ZIP.
  • Featuring Your Job

    for better experience

    • Feature your job and help it stand out in a crowd! When you feature a job, we highlight your post with a green banner so it really pops.
    • Freelancers can also refine their search for jobs to see only jobs that are featured on our site. So, it’s great way to show Freelancers, you mean business and only costs $0!
    • Just select the checkbox that says, “Yes! Feature my job posting for 30 days”, click Post Job and get ready to start receiving quotes!
    • After 30 days, if the job is still open, it will return to a standard job post.
    • Note: You can only choose to feature your job when it is initially posted. If you want to add this feature to an existing job you will need to repost the job.
  • Your Job Status

    one of the following:

    • Under Review:Your job is being reviewed by our quality assurance team. You will receive an email when your job is published or if it cannot be posted
    • Open Days Left:Tells you how long your job will be able to receive quotes.  You can extend or close this at any time.
    • Closed:The job is no longer able to receive quotes.  You are able to open this again, at any time.
    • Not Approved:Our Quality assurance team did not approve your job posting.  You should receive an email with a further explanation.

    Note: If your job was not approved you’re welcome to adjust the listing to meet our standards and post the job again.

  • Unsupported Jobs

    post & hire

    When it comes posting a job on our site, we have two basic rules — you have to hire and pay on our site. However, we do want to provide a fair and safe environment for all our user’s and internet neighbors.

    With that in mind, your job might not be approved if any of these apply:

    • Commission Only – Your payment structure has to include an established payrate for work provided. You can incentivize your freelancer with commission, but it can’t be everything.
    • Requires Unpaid Work – Any work provided has to be paid for. After hiring a Freelancer, you can ask for mock-ups, but you would have to pay for that work.
    • Direct Hire – Our site is for freelance or contract work only. If you’re looking to hire someone for your company directly, we would not be able to post your job listing.
    • Involves Schoolwork – Sorry, your education is more valuable than what you’re willing to pay someone else to do it for you. Time to hit the books.
    • Advertisements – Sales, event announcements, and classified listing won’t be approved.
    • Need More Detail – Freelancers need to know what you’re looking for. Be as specific as possible. If we don’t have enough information to match you with a freelancer, or at least narrow down the results, we’ll ask you to provide a bit more detail.
    • Poor Chance of Success – We don’t know if we’re the best place for you to post this Job. Honestly, that could be for several reasons, if you have questions please reach out.
    • Potential Violation of TOS – You can’t post anything that violates another company’s or our Terms of Service.

    Unapproved Payment Method – We don’t allow royalty/equity-based compensation, bartering/ trading, or any other payment gateways. Payments have to be made through our site — you can use check, e-check, wire-transfer, credit card, or PayPal


Hiring a Freelancer

Focus on Your Work & Team

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  • Finding a Freelancer

    Digital Marketing

    After you post your job, the system will automatically match Freelancers to your job and invite them to submit a proposal. You can also search for Freelancers manually and invite them to your job.

    Searching for Freelancer:

    1) Log into the site.

    2) Click the “Find Freelancer” search bar.

    3) Type in a search term.

    *Note1: Search terms should be keywords. For example: “WordPress developer”.

    *Note2: Once you’ve executed a search you can refine it using the filters on the left sidebar.

    4) Inviting a Freelancer to your job:

    1. Use the “Find a Freelancer” search bar and find a Freelancer you’re interested in.
    2. Click “Get a Quote” next to their name.
    3. Choose a job you’d like to invite them to or create an entirely new job.
    4. Send an optional message.
    5. Click “Get a Quote”.
  • Viewing Quotes

    Digital Marketing

    To make the best decision you can it is important for you to understand the anatomy of a quote. In most quotes the Freelancer will send you a estimated price to do the job and the terms they prefer. 

    There are basically 3 parts to a quote:

    1) The preferred Agreement Type and budget:

    • Milestones
    • Tasks
    • Hourly by Time Tracked
    • Recurring Payment

    2) Any additional features:

    • Required SafePay Balance
    • AutoPay

    3) Provided Additional Information:

    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • Scope of Work


    To manage your quotes go to Hire. Find your job and select, View Quotes.

    Once you see all the quotes you’ve received for that job, use the tool at the top to search and filter your results. View your quotes based on skills, location, and more.

    Review a Freelancer’s Quote Details, About section, and Feedback score to help you make a shortlist of candidates. Use the star icon identify your Favorite Quotes.

  • Awarding a Job

    Awarding a job:

    1. Log into the site.
    2. Find your job under the “Quotes” tile on the dashboard.
    3. Click on the job title to view your quotes.
    4. Choose a Freelancer.
    5. Click the blue “Hire” button.

    Cancelling the hiring of a Freelancer:

    1. Log into the site.
    2. Find your job under the “Quotes” tile on the dashboard.
    3. Click on the job title to view your quotes.
    4. Find the Freelancer you’ve hired.
    5. Click “cancel award” at the bottom of their quote.

    Note: you can only cancel an award if they haven’t accepted it yet.

  • Deciding on An Agreement

    The agreement your Freelancer sends you tells our system how to bill you. It also sets the scope and establishes a timeline. It’s the key to beginning the job successfully.

    Ask your Freelancer to send you an agreement after you’ve hired them. It should be the first thing you do before they begin work.

    Agreement Types

    “Fixed-Priced Agreement (completed milestones)” Your Freelancer sets up milestones. Each Milestone has a value and a due date.  The freelancer will bill for these milestones as they are completed and sent to you for approval.

    “Hourly Agreement (weekly time tracked)” Your Freelancer sets the max hours per week, hourly rate and a billing end date.  The system sends you an invoice every Monday based on the time your Freelancer has tracked the prior week.  Once this agreement has been accepted you can change the “billing end date” at any time if you need to change the date the project ends.

    “Recurring Payments (cyclical billing)” Your Freelancer sets a price, billing cycle, and an end date.  They have the option to choose a weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly billing.  Invoices for weekly and biweekly will be generated on Monday.   Monthly and Quarterly agreements will be billed on the 1st of each month.

    “Tasks” You or your freelancer can create tasks as needed for work.  When a payment is due, you or your freelancer can create an invoice based on the task.  If the freelancer creates the invoice on their end, it will need your approval in order to be paid.  If the invoice is created by you it will be enrolled in autopay for the following Sunday.


    Choosing Auto-Payment Terms:

    “Fund Next Milestones & Enable Autopay” authorizes to automatically fund the next milestone or the next week of work as defined in your Freelancer agreement.  Once the agreement is accepted, SafePay will be scheduled to automatically fund the required amount the next day.

    If the job is ongoing or has more than one milestone, you will be charged again when an invoice has been raised that is in compliance with the agreement.  The amount charged will be the cost of the next week’s work or the next milestone and be placed into SafePay so that work can continue.

    Invoices generated on or after their due date will be paid automatically in 7,14, or 28 days depending on the “Payment Schedule” of your agreement.  If an invoice is raised before the milestone due date, the auto payment will be delayed until the due date has been reached.  You will be able to “dispute” the payment if work is not completed in order to stop the release of the payment.  If no action is taken by the given auto payment date, then the funds would be released to the freelancer.

    Turning this option on will bill you automatically using one or more of your verified payment methods and/or your cash account.

    “Autopay Only” secures the funds needed for the invoice at the time the invoice is raised.  The money will be held in SafePay until the auto payment date has been reached.

    Turning this option on will bill you automatically using one or more of your verified payment methods and/or your cash account.

    Note: The hierarchy for automatic SafePay funding is: cash account, primary verified payment method, and any other verified payment method on file. The system will attempt to bill you in that order. It will bill one or more method partially if needed.

    “Manual Payments” turns off all automatic functions related to invoicing and funding.  You can still use the invoicing and SafePay features of our site, but will have to manually add funds and pay invoices as needed.

    Understanding Status Updates:

    Based on your Freelancer selection, the system will remind them to update you if they haven’t done so within the status update timeline they’ve chosen. Your Freelancer can choose to provide status updates daily, every other day, weekly, every other week, or monthly.

    Understanding the “Scope of Work”:

    The scope of work can be added here. This should explain, in as much detail as your Freelancer likes, the requirements of this job. Your Freelancer can also attach images and documents.

    Accepting and declining an agreement:

    Once your Freelancer sends their agreement you’ll receive an email notification.

    1. Log into the site.
    2. On the dashboard, find the job in question under the “Work Rooms” tile.
    3. Click the profile icon of your Freelancer.
    4. Click the “Agreement” tab.
    5. Review the agreement.
    6. Accept or decline it.

    Any changes your Freelancer makes to the agreement have to be accepted by you. You’ll receive a notification if they change the agreement.

    Seeing previous versions of the agreement:

    1. Log into the site.
    2. On the dashboard, find the job in question under the “Work Rooms” tile.
    3. Click the profile icon of your Freelancer.
    4. Click the “Agreement” tab.
    5. Find the agreement accepted date at the top right.
    6. Click on the date.
    7. The previous agreements will drop down and allow you to view them.

    Understanding the effective date of an agreement:

    1. An agreement isn’t effective unless you accept it and the effective date is today or a prior date.
    2. If your Freelancer edits an effective, fixed-price agreement:
    1. The original agreement is archived and no longer effective as soon as your Freelancer sends the new agreement to you.
    2. The SafePay funds for which your Freelancer has not yet invoiced will be refunded to your cash account.
    3. Once the new agreement is accepted and becomes effective, you will be prompted to add funds to comply with the new agreement.
    1. If your Freelancer edits an effective, hourly agreement:
    1. The original agreement remains in effect until the effective date of the newly accepted agreement.
    2. SafePay funds are not refunded to your cash account.
    3. On reaching the effective date of the new agreement, you will be prompted to fund SafePay per the new agreement.

Managing Your Job

Focus on Your Work & Team

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  • Communicating with Freelancer

    Digital Marketing

    Once you’ve hired a Freelancer, the system will create a workroom for your job. This will be the place for you to communicate with your Freelancer.

    Communicating with all Freelancer you’ve hired at once:

    You can communicate via the “Discussions” page. This communication is shared among Freelancer that were also hired for this job.

    1. Navigate to the job in question.
    2. Click the “Discussions” tab.

    Starting a new topic within the “Discussions” page:

    1. Navigate to the job in question.
    2.  Click the “Discussions” tab.
    3. Click the “Start Discussion” button.

    Commenting within an existing discussion:

    1. Navigate to the job in question.
    2. Click the “Discussions” tab.
    3. Click the discussion thread title.
    4. Click “Add Comment”.
    5. Write your comment.
    6. Click “Add”.

    Direct communication such as Skype or email is also an option.  Use whatever you feel most comfortable with and best fits the needs of your business.

    Communicating privately with a Freelancer:

    You can communicate privately with Freelancer using private messaging. Messages will be listed at the bottom of each job’s workroom or from the “Messages” tab.

    Initiating a private message:

    1. From the dashboard, click on a job underneath the “Quotes” tile.
    2. Find a Freelancer you’d like to send a message to.
    3. Click “Reply” at the top right of their quote.

    Responding to a private message:

    1. From the dashboard, click the “Messages” tab.
    2. Find the new message.
    3. Click on the message to view it.

    Responding to private messages via email:

    1. Find the private message notification email in your email’s inbox.
    2. View the email.
    3. Click “reply” from within your email client.
    4. Type your message, attach any files and click “send”.

    Private message guidelines:

    • Do not modify the subject line or your message will not send.
    • Limit your message to 5,000 characters.
    • Do not use HTML or special formatting as it will be stripped and could cause your email to be illegible.
    • Limit total attachments to 10 MB.
    • Limit attachments to the following file types:  gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, ppt, txt, doc, swf, html, htm, wav, mov, avj, mpeg, mpg, xls, mp3, psd, tif, tiff, eps, png, mdb, mde, zip, bmp, qxd, docx, pptx, wmv, xlsx.

    Private message terms of use: reserves the right to bypass warnings and disable access at any time.

    • First offense — Message content blocked. Warning issued.
    • Second offense — Message content blocked. Use of message board disabled for 15 days.
    • Third offense — Message content blocked. Use of message board disabled for 30 days.
    • Additional offenses — Message content blocked. Use of message board disabled for 30 days.

    Using Questions and Answers:

    1. Find a job from your “Quotes” tile.
    2. Click “View Posting”.
    3. Click “Questions and Answers” to expand this section.

    Questions and Answers terms of use:

    In order to maintain the quality of service on, postings to this section are reviewed by our quality assurance team. Employers and Freelancer who abuse communication tools are in violation of its Terms of Use and will be penalized.

    Questions and answers that include the following are considered abusive:

    • Derogatory or sarcastic statements
    • Self-promotional content (resumes, proposals, professional background, an indication of your willingness or ability to do the job, mock-ups or samples)
    • Questions that ask if the Employer will accept applications outside of the project scope or location.
    • Message board abuse warnings and penalties
    • com reserves the right to bypass warnings and disable access at any time.
    1. First offense — Message content blocked. Warning issued.
    2. Second offense — Message content blocked. Use of Project Q&A tool disabled for 15 days.
    3. Third offense — Message content blocked. Use of Project Q&A tool disabled for 30 days.
    4. Additional offenses — Message content blocked. Use of Project Q&A tool disabled for 30 days


    Announcements are simply bulletin board-like messages you can send to broadcast information about a job. Freelancer cannot respond to these messages.

    Announcements are listed in your Inbox and are denoted with a megaphone icon.

  • How to End a Job

    Digital Marketing

    There are many reasons why you might want to end a job, but how you end a job will depend on how your WorkRoom is set up.

    Here are the three steps we recommend:

    1. If there are funds in SafePay, submit a SafePay Release Request to distribute the SafePay funds.
    2. Stop your active agreement. After all SafePay funds have been distributed, you can stop the agreement by visiting the Agreement section of the workroom. The current or “active” agreement will be at the top of the section and you will see a green checkmark next to the word “current”.
    3. Click on the agreement type (Fixed Price by Milestone, Hourly by Time Tracked, etc.) to view the Agreement. Select the stop button at the bottom of the active agreement page. If all agreements are already inactive, you can skip this step.

    Note: You can “Archive” a Freelancer so they it is no longer shown on the manage page. To archive a Freelancer, visit the WorkRoom, and select the gray down arrow to the right of the Freelancer’s profile photo and select “Archive” from the drop-down menu.

  • Understanding the Workroom
    1. The workroom is specific to each job you hire a Freelancer for. It allows you to manage the job and gives you information concerning the job’s current status.

      There are a few tabs at the top of the workroom:


      The overview is the primary tab at the top of the workroom. This is your default view and shows you information concerning the specific freelancer you’re viewing. Everything you see here is between you and the freelancer you’re viewing.


      This is a list of job-related alerts. And gives you an easy way to reference when major milestones have occurred, such as a pending agreement and when SafePay is funded.


      Assign tasks to anyone hired for the job. Anyone hired for the particular job you’re viewing can access this page.


      This is a public discussion area. Anyone hired for your job can participate in the conversation. Anything you want to say privately should NOT be posted here and should instead be sent as a private message.


      This is a public files area. Anyone hired for your job can upload files here. Any files you want to share privately should NOT be uploaded here and should instead be attached in a private message.

      Once you click back on the Overview tab, you’ll see some more tabs that pertain to each specific Freelancer you’ve hired. You’ll see the Freelancer’s name and profile picture in the overview to indicate which Freelancer you are interacting with.

      Understanding the main sections of the overview:

      Status Updates:

      This section displays the status of the job as it pertains to the agreement. If no agreement is accepted, this area remains more-or-less empty.

      If you accept a fixed-price agreement this section will display all of the milestones your Freelancer sent you in their agreement. They will display their status and due date.

      If you accept an hourly agreement this section will display the current week and any time your Freelancer has tracked. If they use Time Tracker you’ll see screenshots of their work. You’ll also see the current weeks invoice if the system has sent one.


      From this tab you can view the current agreement. You can also view the agreement’s status at the top right and view previous agreements if there are any.


      From this tab, see the current SafePay balance as well as the SafePay transaction history to keep track of invoice payments, refunds and SafePay funding. You can also request a refund.

      Purchase Order Number:

      This is an optional feature you can utilize if it helps with your accounting

  • Adding Files to the Workroom

    Files can be uploaded to the workroom for everyone to view and download.

    Uploading files to the workroom:

    1. Navigate to the job in question.
    2. Click the “Files” tab.
    3. Click the “Upload Files” button.

    File uploading guidelines:

    • You can upload up to 1GB.
    • Use the “Show Versions” option to display previously uploaded versions of a file.
    • Files attached to the “Discussions” page are automatically uploaded to the “Files” page.